Wednesday, November 29, 2006



Post~Twyla by Jack Kimball
(Blue Lion Books, 2006)

Readers of Jack Kimball have their interest in the prospect of cold fusion for dummies quantified into a pragmatic education, and approach this text as if it is glossed by the poet something phantomly and irresistibly abstract as an earnest poetics of what besides language makes us human for a definite challenge to the tolerable mesmerism of what does that mean, compared to the subliminal play of a crapshoot with one attempting to formulate against the house. No one will touch Post~Twyla to believe that that can ever succeed, but there exists always the kinetic desire for a packaged experience in pure luck, "Impassioned, so nowhere is low." Our poet takes duty then from the realization of such desire to administrate a selfsame education, "I can feel the world stop." Association to theoretical physics becomes inexorable for an irony which is patently wrung through its each tinted holler and shaded whisper, constantly re-taking a measure of specific gravity that even in full accordance declines to be revealed to us.

The crossing that boasts diode lanterns
to the dark ends off blades, the dungeon
of hardened arms fire unobstructed by a
cause other than war, you see


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Another view is presented in this issue by Allen Bramhall at:


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